Yesterday, the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune may not have been so enthusiastic [click to read] about Common‘s eighth and latest studio release Universal Mind Control [click to read]. However, the biggest critic for Common can only be himself.

Serving as a rebuttal, Common gave his own assessment of the new album in a video blog from his website today. “I wanna review this album,” Common starts off. “After listening to this album extensively and really assessing it and just listening to the songs and seeing how I really thought about it, I would say I’d have to give this album an A-plus. A 10, really an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Five stars if I was Rolling Stone, XXL if I was XXL [magazine].”

Knowing the boldness of the statement he just made, Common explains that this album is for his fans, rather than some break from the norm or his chance to be a more pop-sounding rapper. “Relax and enjoy [Universal Mind Control], knowing that Common is a fun guy too, as well as a thoughtful person…I’m a human being, and I love making music.”

The veteran emcee recently told Billboard, “A brother isn’t just relying on hip-hop to pay my bills anymore.” Additionally, he’s aware the willingness to experiment his new found financial stability has granted him may take some getting used to.

“When you come up with a new sound, it takes time for people to take a liking to it,”
Common says. “The music is the future of progressive hip-hop. It’s colorful and a little electronic.”

Breathing life into his latest project, Common proclaimed, “Today is the birthday of a new child of mine.”

Universal Mind Control is in stores now.