Nas is wasting no time with current events. On the eve of the elections, he has already recorded a pro-Obama song, “Election Night” [click to listen]. The song is featured on our site, and DJ Green Lantern recently spoke on the track that has already hit the Hip Hop world with such a politically-charged message.

“I’m currently on tour in Europe with Nas and we were at dinner last night talking about how crazy it is that we’re not in the states on Election Day,” Green Lantern told MTV. “Someone quoted his verse from ‘Black President’ when he said ‘What’s the black prez thinkin’ on Election Night?’ And Nas said, ‘Set up the mic — I’m gonna speak on that.’ And the result is ‘Election Night.'”

The song is said to feature Sen. Obama‘s voice, much like “Black President” did. The following is a small excerpt from the track.

“It’s real for us, homie. I’m a first-time voter. How can I front?/ Barack been campaigning like 21 months/ The whole country needs answers/ While he gotta deal with grandma dying from cancer/ He ain’t even got time to weep/ And we standing on line when we normally don’t/ People claim black people too lazy to vote.”

Later, he touches on right wing media and their take on the election.

“You got right wing fascists jumpin’ out they window/ Limbaugh, Hannity, watch ’em lose they sanity.”

Finally, Nas predicts a win for Obama, and claims he won’t need an invitation to be at the inauguration.

The line about being a first-time voter could prove beneficial to Obama in this election. CNN‘s political ticker notes that the impact first-time voters will have favors Obama. The popular news channel stated first-time voters are breaking overwhelmingly for Sen. Barack Obama in early exit polling. Additionally, 72 percent say they voted for Obama, compared with 27 percent for McCain–with first-time voters comprising 10 percent of the total national electorate thus far.