The White Rapper Show‘s Jus Rhyme [click to read] has recently announced his plans to release an album at the end of this year. After coming in third place on the Vh1 show, hosted by MC Serch, Jus Rhyme is teaming up with friend Raw Potential to put out the album titled Stand in Solidarity.

The duo, who go by the name of AntiRacist 15, will focus their music on the fight for racial equality. Many may remember Jus Rhyme for his socially conscious lyrics and anti-racist sentiments, qualities that the group hopes to incorporate in their debut album.

“As a rap group, we made a consciousness decision to take the message of being white and anti-racist to a national stage with Vh1,” says Jus Rhyme. “It was the first time on television that three million people for eight weeks got to witness a white person discussing the importance of challenging racism.

In addition to their involvement with activist groups such as “Challenging White Supremacy” and the “Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere,” AntiRacist 15 donates 25% of their profits to grassroots organizations working for racial justice.

The album will feature Chicago-based producer King Karnov who has produced tracks for Busta Rhymes, Bishop Lamont [click to read], Freddie Foxxx [click to read], and Rhymesayers.

Stand in Solidarity is scheduled to drop on December 16th.

Reported by Salima Koroma.