In an interview with Rolling Out TV, Scarface [click to read] may have given the most controversial opinion on the presidential race yet.

Expressing his support for Illinois Senator Barack Obama, Scarface praised his political strategy. “I think Barack Obama has the right idea. I think he played his campaign very well. He didn’t lean his meter ‘either or,’ he came right in dead center, and that’s politics.”

However, on the other side of the coin, Scarface brutally bashed Senator John McCain and accused him of being a racist. “If you’ve never in you’ve life ever seen a nigga-hatin’ motherfucker, a motherfucker that just hates niggas, look at that fuckin’ pink-ass white boy,” ‘Face said without regret.

Continuing in an extreme sarcastic undertone, Scarface gave “respect” to McCain, and called out the candidates’ decision throughout the debate to avoid eye contact with Senator Obama. “At least he’s real with himself. The whole time they had their debate, you know that motherfuckin’ peckerwood would not look that nigga in his eyes. And that right there showed me the respect he had for niggas. John McCain man, I respect that.

The obvious hate for the Republican nominee was potent as Scarface ended his explicit rant. “You fucking racist red neck piece of shit white boy, short arm no top-lip movin’ brown teeth motherfucker. I love you dude.