It looks like it’s going to be Kanye West against 50 Cent again come this December. As the rumored release date for Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreak has been revealed for December 16th [click to read], 50 Cent recently announced to fans during his performance in Albany, NY that he will be dropping Before I Self Destruct a week earlier on December 9th.

Prior to announcing the release date, 50 Cent decided to poke fun at Kanye during his concert. 50 told fans that he was about to give them a taste of his new single- which turned out to be nothing more than 50 mimicking Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” [click to hear] single.

After teasing the crowd with his lip syncing and antics, fans broke into “Fuck Kanye West” chants as 50 joked about his own fans.

“You stop fucking with me and look what happened!” 50 said.

After the show, Tony Yayo also decided to jump in on the fun as he recreated the scene of Kanye attacking a paparazzi at LAX recently [click to read].

Who will come out on top this time?