In a tradition that has now seen Jay-Z [click to read] perform Reasonable Doubt and GZA tour performing Liquid Swords in their entirety, two more legendary ’90s albums can now be heard live. Duck Down Records‘ flagship artists Black Moon [click to view], which includes label co-founder Buckshot, and Smif-N-Wessun [click to read] will be performing Enta Da Stage and Dah Shinin’ respectively in one special New York evening.

On September 26, at The Knitting Factory, both iconic Brooklyn Hip Hop crews will be performing, with a live band.

As both albums were helmed by legendary production trio Da Beatminerz, led by Black Moon‘s deejay Evil Dee, do not assume that the band will hinder the night.

Evil Dee is involved. He’ll be orchestrating the entire show as if he were
a conductor. We’ll have turntables set up for him so he’ll also be providing
additional scratches. Evil Dee will play an intricate role in this
” said a label representative to HipHopDX this morning.

Tickets are available at