Addictive,” the debut single from Dr. Dre protégé Truth Hurts, has been receiving strong support from Los Angeles radio stations. The song, produced by DJ Quik and featuring Rakim, will appear on her forthcoming self-titled album.

The song, about a woman’s addiction to her man’s affection, incorporates opera and Indian-styled vocals, a tribal drum pattern, and a hypnotic rap from Rakim, who is working with Dr. Dre on a new album. On the chorus of the new female anthem, Truth Hurts sings, “He’s so contagious/Returns my pages/Got me anxious/He’s what I waited for.”

Though the Indian vocals are provided via a sample, Truth Hurts belts the opera runs on the song’s intro. “I started off in classical and opera,” Truth Hurts told, “I was 10 years old, my mom put me in classical. My teacher wanted me to be an opera singer, and he was sending me to the University Of Chicago on scholarship. But, I had too much soul.”

Truth Hurts has been featured on the soundtracks for The Wash and Ali, as well as albums from Busta Rhymes and D12.