Following the much talked about incident between Mike Jones and Trae The Truth that transpired at the 2008 Ozone Awards in Houston, TX, [click to read] both Trae and Mike Jones apologized for what happened – but not to each other.The fight caused Houston police to be called in great numbers and caused for a delayed start to the show as well as cutting the show short before all the awards could be given out. Both realize that the altercation was definitely not a good look for Houston and would like to move on with their respective careers.

“First off before I point any fingers, I personally do want to apologize for the incident that happened at the Ozone Awards. I hope you all don’t get the wrong impression of me or my city,” Jones said via statement. “If I knew this was going to happen at a big event such as the Ozone Awards, first, I would not have brought my mother and second, I would have done everything in my power to prevent it.”

Trae also was apologetic regarding the situation.

“I have to take the time out to apologize to the kids, and to anyone who follows and supports my career for what happened at the Ozone Awards this past Monday night,” Trae explained. “I told myself that I was gonna do my best for the new era of the streets not to go through the experiences that I go through in life. For a split second, I almost entertained the little-girl tactics of a person who is really irrelevant nowadays.”

But at least both would be clear that they will not entertain the beef publicly in any capacity.

“I am aware of how big this event was for the city of Houston and the
entire hip hop community. Please know that I had no intention of
tarnishing this great opportunity, nor the experiences of those who
participated in it,”
Jones continued. “I apologize once again for everything that happened
but I cannot apologize for having to defend myself from someone
bringing unexpected or un-called violence to me and my family at any

As for Trae, he clearly takes one last shot at Mike Jones before dismissing the altercation.

“Things like this happen in life every day and I do not have the time to entertain this anymore,” Trae concluded. “I would like the world to tell Mr. Jones that he can thank me later for his split second of fame. Right now, I’ma keep it moving.”