Between leaving the label in 1999 and recent, Daz Dillinger has had a lot of foul words for Suge Knight and Death Row Records, where he released one Dogg Pound [click to read] and one solo album. Now, as the label has sold, Daz has reportedly approached its buyers, offering up promotion to an album released 13 years ago.

I hooked up with the people who bought Death Row for the $24 million,
so I can go over there and help them run that and revive the catalog,
Daz told Hip Hop blog The Smoking Section. “When I heard that they bought it, I contacted
that office and said, ‘I’ve got all the [original Death Row] artists
right here.’ So we can put the albums back out, shoot some videos off
of those songs, like [‘Some Bomb Azz’] and shit like that; do some
interviews. Re-package it and put the albums back out, ‘cause you need
the artists to do that
.” Guests on Dogg Food included Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Big C-Style, The Lady of Rage [click to read] and others. Prince Ital Joe, who was featured on the song “Respect” [click to read] has since died in a car accident in 2001.

In the same interview, Daz, who released Tha Row Killa DVD several years back, added that he would be re-enlisting some actors from the film, to make light of Suge Knight‘s recent injury from a club altercation [click to read]. “[The actor] that played Suge Knight in my movie, his name’s Big Pain. I’ma
have him re-create that whole thing and put that DVD out. If you go to
YouTube [see below] And it’ll show the video I shot a long time ago with my homie lookin’ [like] Suge Knight.
Daz added that he, like The Game, has been spending time with the culprit who knocked Knight out. He was Daz‘s guest at The BET Awards.

Daz will be releasing his next album, Only On The Left Side, later this month.