According to, who obtained pictures of the incident, Marion “Suge” Knight, controversial founder of Death Row Records was assaulted last night in Shag Nightclub in Los Angeles last night.

Knight was seen by witnesses arguing with a man, reportedly screaming “I want my money!” According to the reports, Suge and his entourage began assaulting the man, when Suge was struck in the face by the other party, and knocked out.

The pictures on the website [click here to see], show Knight, covered in blood, being escorted from the club, en route to the hospital. Just as the case with the night of Tupac Shakur‘s murder and the shooting several years at Kanye West‘s MTV Awards party shooting, Knight did not cooperate with police.

UPDATE: An anonymous witness contacted HipHopDX, claiming to have been in Club Shag Saturday evening. According to the report, Suge Knight was not assaulted by the initial man he was arguing with.

Although the witness confirmed that Knight screamed “I want my money,” before allegedly attacking a man with his entourage inside the club, the publicized incident was independent. According to the reports, a third party was video-taping the beating with a cell phone. Knight witnessed this, and attacked the video-taper. The Death Row Records founder put the man in a headlock and took his phone inside the club.

Following the incident, the victim reportedly left the club, went to a vehicle, and opened the trunk. The man removed an unidentifiable object, and as Suge Knight stood outside the club, struck him in the back of the head. The attack left “a large gash” on the back of Knight‘s head, prompting the blood seen in the pictures provided by TMZ. The hit to the back of the head left Suge Knight unconscious on the sidewalk for a period of about 10 minutes. The attacker reportedly fled the scene.

While on the sidewalk, a female in Knight‘s entourage reportedly vacated the scene to get a car. Upon pulling in front of the club, the woman wrecked into several vehicles. This incident added to frenzy, that eventually led Knight to a Los Angeles hospital.

When asked by members of press about the incident, Knight has opted not to file a police report, stating that he would deal with the incident internally.

HipHopDX will remain updating on this incident.

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.