Cardi B and City Girls rapper JT were embroiled in a Twitter feud this week, until Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee inserted himself into the beef and helped them settle their differences.

Lee was sitting back watching the explosive back-and-forth while reposting Cardi and JT’s tweets on Hollywood Unlocked on Monday (October 3) before he decided to take action and broker a truce between the “Twerk” collaborators.



“I can either use my platform to make the girls fight or fix it,” he tweeted. “Ima always try to bring people together. Cardi be minding her business and then the funny shit be happening. I’m not gonna let a misunderstanding get outta hand. Hop Hop bigger than this petty shit.”

He later wrote: “Talked to BIG BARDI. It’s squashed and they talked it out that’s what I like to see …I hate seeing all these female rappers fighting wit each other. Both have respect for each other. Hip hop bigger than this! Yassssssss”

However, JT called out Lee for trying to make himself look like the good guy after inciting the drama and gaining clicks and views from their spat.

“You can’t use your platform to do anything after you posted every tweet this is what you come with,” she rebutted.

That prompted Lee to put out another fire and privately get on the same page as JT before calling it a night.

“Talking to @thegirljt. We good. I’m going to bed,” he announced.

After subliminally taking shots at each other on Twitter, JT and Cardi B publicly engaged and went at it over ghostwriting claims.

“I definitely didn’t…P wanted to put me in to your writers cause yall numbers make him penies ……My talent speaks for it self tho,” Cardi said of the ghostwriting allegations.



“Didn’t I hit you back in the DM 20 minutes ago but I gotta come on the timeline for a response? And you’re mute but steady arguing here. Like I said, this shit is for show. OPPORTUNISTS.”

The fiery MCs ended up taking their conversation back to the DMs while fans attempted to throw Nicki Minaj’s name into the mix.

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However, Nicki did tweet out a pair of laughing GIFs in the midst of the spat and pledged her allegiance to JT by changing her Twitter profile picture to the City Girls rhymer.



Cardi responded by changing hers to a photo of Remy Ma, who exchanged diss songs with the Young Money hitmaker in 2017.