This morning, The Baltimore Sun‘s website profiled the life of pioneering club and radio personality DJ K-Swift who passed away in a swimming pool accident earlier this week [click to read]. The article reveals the importance Swift had on the city, with one record executive claiming that her programming determined “a B-more hit.

Although the article itself makes no allegations, online readers and numerous voices in the Baltimore music community are alleging foul play in Swift‘s death.

An online article, written anonymously last May [click to read] alleged that stations, namely 92Q and K-Swift were among the few local artists given airplay. The deejay was managed and in business with Unruly Records, a label seemingly given preferential treatment in breaking regional records. The article reveals testimony of payola, specifically with deejays including Swift.

Unruly Records has released the following statement on their website, from president Shawn Caesar, “Unruly Records is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, sister, label mate,
and legendary female deejay ‘K-Swift.’ In this time of bereavement, it is our prayer
that the memory of K-Swift remains in the heart and minds of those who knew her
” The site also has directed press and media to their legal council.

This morning, an anonymous source, claiming to be a longterm acquaintance of K-Swift contacted HipHopDX, adding that her death was suspicious. “The pool water was disgusting, from all that I’ve heard, not the kind that was going to be swam in by anyone,” the source said. The pool was an above-ground pool without a platform, making the diving motives questionable in the five feet of water.

HipHopDX will keep you updated of further developments in this story.