The Game has addressed the ongoing criticism that he name-drops too much when he raps in a new interview with the Rap Radar podcast.

Speaking to hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller, Game joked he was actually going to put a disclaimer on his latest album, Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind, warning people about some of the famous names they might hear throughout the project.



“One thing I forgot to do with the album, when I put out the tracklisting, I was going to literally count the name-drops myself and put a disclaimer under like, ‘Just so you know, there are 377 name-drops.’

“I think that if you listen to Hip Hop, everybody and every album, that everybody name-drops now. When I came, n-ggas wasn’t doing it in the space that they are now, but everyone name-drops. It’s wordplay, it’s lyricism, it’s metaphors and everybody has adapted to it.

He continued: “I’m the one that gets all the flak for it, but I love it. I be sayin’ n-ggas’ names. Like, I want you to know exactly who I’m talking about. Like if the car black as Akon, my n-gga, it’s black as Akon.”

The Game released Drillmatic last month and brought along a stacked roster of notable names for the 30-track effort, including Kanye WestDrake, Pusha T, Lil Wayne,Rick Ross,Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown and DJ Khaled. The album peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 and No. 8 on the R&B/Hip Hop chart.

But perhaps the most notable name-drop was Eminem who Game spent over 10 minutes dissing on “The Black Slim Shady.” Throughout the song, Game rips apart nearly everything in Eminem’s life — from his ex-wife Kim Mathers and daughter Hailie to his addiction struggles.

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Ask Dre, all I got is my word, my dick and my MAC-10,” he spits. “One thing you can never have is my muthafuckin’ Black, skin/ This ain’t no suit that I wore, this ain’t a mansion to hang a plaque, this ain’t no stupid award.”

He continued: “So oh, he goes platinum and oh, I’m on the ‘Math with him/ He got all the Blackest friends, he wants to be African, me/ Left for dead on the Doctor’s Advocate/ Dre never executive produced it, I just imagined it.”



Game also insisted Big Sean is the biggest rapper in Detroit and said he’d rather listen to “Snitch9ne” than Eminem. Shady has yet to respond.