Quando Rondo is turning his back on gang life following the death of his friend Lul Pab, however, he’s getting dragged for laying down his flag.

The Savannah, Georgia native took to his Instagram Story to denounce his ties to the Rollin’ 60s Neighborhood Crips gang and reveal the chaos had become so much that he just wanted to focus on himself and his family.



“It’s time for me to spend time to myself and free myself from a lot of people,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “My Main Manz Gone & a lot more shit I’m cool on alot of shit if I feel like you not with me it’s no reason for me To be holding on to you no need to shake your hand or fake some with you ! I’m Living Life How I wanna live life whatever I wanna do ima do it you gone either gone get with it or get lost.”

He later put out more posts in his Stories regarding his exit from gang life. According to Rondo, he’s not planning on getting “jumped out” either, as he wants to just leave that life behind unscathed while also claiming his set has no loyalty to him.



“I’m my own man I layed my flag down I’m not NH yall ain’t gone ride for a n-gga foreal it’s no sense being apart of yall shit y’all fw the opposition,” he wrote. “Idgaf who feel hit Fucc u and if you can’t feel where I’m coming from on this you a bitch ass n-gga cuz it don’t take rocket science to c what the fuck going on errbody all ready hate me.”

He continued: “I ain’t tripping on the extra hate I’m bout to focus on my family the ones who gone really drop a tear if I die !!!!!”

Rondo’s comments brought reactions from his peers, such as Julio Foolio who took to his Story and wrote: “Dawg homeboy died in cali he trynna squash beef and throw his flag in it’s to late for that nephew.”

Nipsey Hussle’s friend and fellow Crip J. Stone had a few word for Rondo in his Story as well saying: “You can’t drop yo flag and say you not NH no mo. N-gga go to the hood and get yo put off. Don’t cry now. We lose homies all the time. Not every body gon ride. You was a goofy/internet banger anyway.”

Quando Rondo issued a response shortly after for anyone that had something to say about his controversial decision. For Rondo, people speaking on his decision don’t have the money to even stand next to him, let alone critique him.

“Before you go to talking about another n-gga sit bacc and think like I don’t even got 200 bandz cuz you need way more than that to stand with me! Y’all n-ggas still think 20k is up. I can careless what somebody think get in my way and ima knocc you down simple NO CAP.”

Quando Rondo’s decision to leave the Crips behind comes after an eventful two years for the Georgia native. He got into an altercation with the late King Von outside an Atlanta hookah lounge that led to the Chicago rapper getting killed.

Rondo then had trouble booking shows as a result of the shooting, but things came to heed in California last month, where the rapper was involved in yet another shooting

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Quando Rondo was the intended target of a shooting that took place in Los Angeles on August 19. The rapper and friends were at a local gas station when three men in a white vehicle pulled up alongside his black Cadillac Escalade and opened fire. 23-year-old Lul Pab was shot multiple times during the incident.

Officials say Rondo was the intended target, and a video of him screaming as Pab’s body was pulled out of the car quickly went viral on social media. Pab was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.



News of the shooting spread like wildfire on social media over the weekend it happened, with initial reports claiming Quando Rondo had been hit in the ambush. A woman identified as his aunt took to Twitter that night to assure everyone the rapper was “fine.”