With concerts and appearances becoming more and more of a thing with COVID-19 lockdowns being lifted across the country, rappers are looking to get show bookings to make up for the lost year.

One of those artists is Quando Rondo, but he’s claiming promoters don’t want to book him because they’re “terrified” after Rondo’s associate allegedly murdered King Von during a shootout in November 2020.

“Nobody wants to book me because they’re terrified,” he said in a recent interview. “That’s the truth. So many people calling like, I wish the fans let that shit go. As long as y’all talk about it. They’re hyping this shit up.”

A few weeks after King Von’s murder, Quando Rondo had a show in Macon, Georgia, but claimed the mayor of the state made a call to cancel the show. Rumors hit social media alleging Rondo canceled the show because he was nervous about threats, but he’s sticking to the story of blaming the mayor.

“The mayor canceled my show, on my daughter’s life,” he proclaimed. “That’s facts, big bro. I ain’t canceling a show.”

Rondo is looking to put the entire incident behind him. His associate Lul Timm was arrested on murder charges for the death of King Von, but he was granted bond earlier in 2021.

Quando Rondo Tells Angela Yee Exactly What Led To King Von Shooting

The Georgia native explained his side of the story in a candid interview with Angela Yee, where he claimed he didn’t know it was King Von involved in the altercation until the next day. Quando Rondo stayed busy on the music side and released his Still Taking Risks album in May.

Stream the project below.