3rd Bass alum and Miss Rap Supreme co-host MC Serch is credited with being one of Nas‘ discoverers, helping the Queensbridge emcee, with some help from Kool G Rap, sign to Columbia/Sony Records, where he released his 1994 album Illmatic.

Although the two parted ways shortly thereafter, the mentor and protege of sorts reunited on air this week, as an exclusive and promotional interview for calling service SayNow [click to read].

After citing his initial recording of “Live At The Barbeque” [click to read] with Main Source, Nas explained his rise to popularity by citing the interview’s moderator. “The next step was meeting you, and you putting me on your record ‘Back To The Grill Again’ [click to read] with Chubb Rock, and shot a video for it, so I can’t explain how happy and thankful I am for that moment.”



The discussion went on to evaluate Nas‘ present album, Untitled [click to read]. “This album is my opinion on America and on the world, especially on how it relates to racism and injustice and stuff like that.

The complete audio interview can be heard below: