Ousted G-Unit member Young Buck continued his assault on his former group when he went on XM satellite radio and challenged Tony Yayo to a boxing match.

As far as Yayo talking about he wanna fight, I’ll do it,” said Buck,
according to UDub News. “I’ll do it off of real nigga shit I swear on
my child’s life. If they line this shit up, where me and that nigga can
go in a ring, we can put that shit on VH1. We can make that shit real
life. I’ll have Floyd Mayweather training me. I’ll knock that nigga’s
fat, flabby, old non-rappin’ ass out

This isn’t the first time Buck and Yayo have had disagreement. When Yayo was accused of slapping the son of Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, Buck spoke on the matter saying that he would never side with someone who hit a child; however, Buck never officially accused Yayo of doing so.

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