After breaking onto the scene the Outkast posse cut “Git Up Git Out” and stealing the show on Goodie Mob’s classic debut LP, Cee-Lo is ready to try it out on his own. Although he garners most of his attention for his signing, he is an incredible lyricist, something that goes overlooked too often (check out his verse on “Soul Food”).

Cee-Lo recently told Rolling Stone of his biggest career disappointment, “World Party was the greatest disappointment in my career, I hated that album. It didn’t fall in line with anything I wanted to be remembered for. But, I mean, I participated. I wanted people to know we weren’t monks, that we were just regular guys. So I said to Gipp, ‘Hey, if this works and we finally have a platinum album, I’ll shake your hand and you can say I told you so. But if it fails, I’m definitely doing a solo album.’ Commercially, we ended up selling our same numbers. But morally, it failed. Rap was congested with women; cars, drugs and people were expecting us to be the last real hope. And we failed them.”

Cee-Lo certainly has not made a permanent split from Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo, they will all be back in the studio very soon. Cee-Lo is busy putting the finishing touches on his debut LP, “Cee-Lo Green And Hid Perfect Imperfections.” The album is due out April 2nd, but the albums first single, “Closet Freak” is out and is off the hook.