Los Angeles, CA

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s recent altercation on a Hollywood street is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to reports.

A criminal report was reportedly filed on Tuesday (August 2) just hours after the scuffle took place (per TMZ). Police will interview both the “Thotiana” rapper and his girlfriend to determine if prosecutors will file charges.



The dramatic fight between Blueface and Chrisean Rock was captured on video by a passerby. In the clip, Blueface is seen attempting to evade the seemingly troubled artist who refuses to stop following him. From there, things get physical and they both attempt to swing on each other.

In a follow-up video from Blueface, he claimed they were fighting over her phone after he discovered she was talking to several other men. Blueface accused her of sleeping with a corrections officer at a New Orleans jail while showing off his black eye.

“Y’all shut the fuck up,” he said. “Y’all don’t know this whore. Y’all don’t know her. I barely know her. Went through her damn phone. She fuckin’ the CO at the damn jailhouse. She sending the CO the hotel, and he got a wife and she probably going to see this.”

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Rock continued to lazily ask why he was saying those things from their bed to which he replied, “I’m only airing this out ‘cause you think she’s a solid bitch. Y’all know I’m a whore […] it’s different when you think somebody’s not a whore.”

He added: “That’s why I’m doing it like this. She really had a n-gga fooled. She’s a good actor. I’m going to put you in a movie.”

In other Blueface news, the rapper has been handed a lawsuit stemming from a 2019 brawl at a Los Angeles hookah bar.



According to documents viewed by Radar Online, Blueface (real name Johnathan Porter) is being sued by Ray Anthony Gonzalez for assault, battery, gender violence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The alleged altercation took place at the Blue Moon Hookah Lounge in Downtown L.A. after Gonzalez approached Blueface in the bathroom. Gonzalez claims the rapper then called him a “faggot” and told him to “get away from me.”