Los Angeles, CA

Blueface is adding insult to injury after he and his crew appeared to give a man the beatdown of his life on Friday night (December 20) for allegedly attempting to steal Blueface’s chain.

In a series of videos posted by The Shade Room, Blueface, dressed in his Burberry coat, stomps out the guy while a hail of punches come down. In a since-deleted Instagram Story, he also clowns the alleged thief, writing, “Dam cuz got da ass whippin of a lifetime I hope it was worth it.”

According to TMZ, Blueface and his crew pulled up to Blue Moon Hookah Lounge in downtown Los Angeles for a quick chill session and impromptu performance. At some point in the night, a man inside the lounge allegedly tried to lift Blueface’s chain from his neck. Of course, his crew didn’t take this too lightly and proceeded to jump the guy inside the lounge. Police reportedly weren’t called for the incident.

It’s not the first time Blueface jumped in on fight in public. While performing at a concert at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California in October, Blueface dove into the crowd after a massive brawl broke out.