David Banner‘s album has been on hold for quite some time now. People have been curious has to what’s been going on with The Greatest Story Ever Told. Banner recently revealed what has been going on with his life over the past year.

“A year ago, the day before Father’s Day, my father passed. Six people that I’ve been close to, including Pimp C from UGK and Static Major have died. I was twenty one points from diabetes. When people see I lost fifty pounds they thought I was trying to get sexy. I am! But that wasn’t the point, Banner explained with a hint of humor backstage during the 2008 BET Awards.

“I had high blood pressure and I also had sleep apnea. And with those conditions the doctor said I was about to die,” Banner continued. “I think in that time I’ve become a man. I’ve spent seven months helping Katrina victims and growing as a person. When The Greatest Story Ever Told comes out on July 15th, it won’t be a boy rapping. I’ve become a man. I’m going to make y’all proud.”

Many may have known that Banner was dealing with one issue or the other but it wasn’t very well know that the conditions combined were life threatening. Regardless, Banner has put all of his experiences over the past year into the upcoming album and says that this is his greatest effort yet.

“I read a review of my album the other day that said The Greatest Story Ever Told was the best album since The Fugees The Score but nobody would give me the proper credit because I was from Mississippi. One thing I can say about my album is that since we have been begging for quality in music, it is here.”

Look for The Greatest Story Ever Told to finally be released on July 15th on Universal.