Wiz Khalifa has been defended by Bootleg Kev after the rapper went off on two Los Angeles DJs during a concert in Los Angeles on Friday (July 29).

The Pittsburgh native called DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron “horrible DJs” and offered to fight them after they wouldn’t play music off his Multiverse album, which was released that same day. With Wiz receiving backlash for his actions, Bootleg Kev provided his side of the story along with video footage in a series of tweets posted on Monday (August 1).

“Let’s clear up this Wiz shit,” he began. “I was there with him, & the dj & host TERRIBLE. After fucking up his performance (4-5x) he finally snapped. I’m not condoning him slapping the hat off or none of that, and I know he regrets that. But so much led up to that point.

“Context is IMPORTANT. After they abruptly cut the first record off & had some weird echo effect shit going on he stopped and was NICE. In this video he’s saying ‘let’s get on the same page, y’all got too many cooks in the kitchen.'”

Bootleg Kev claims they continued to cut off Wiz Khalifa’s songs and interrupt him while he was performing on stage.

“That was after fuck up #1,” he explained. “They proceeded to cut his records outta nowhere, get on the mic while he’s performing (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW, which was after they CUT OFF BLACK AND YELLOW 30 seconds in and restarted it- notice wiz telling the Host ‘don’t say nothing, it’s my time’).

“After the 4th time of botching a BREEZE OF A JOB IF YOU’RE A DJ Wiz lost it. The set list was emailed before hand, download it, press play and get the fuck out the way.”

Bootleg Kev believes DJ Mike Danger simply had a bad night, but called out the host for ruining the show.

“Mike Danger is a good DJ and from what I hear a great guy, he had an off night,” he said. “The HOST tho? Was so outta pocket it was flagrant. Reaching over his dj, turning down faders etc. overall shit show. THATS WHAT HAPPENED.

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“Context is Important. Yes wiz could have handled it differently but that’s a grown man, & it felt like he was being played or pranked it was so bad on the host/dj side. And the set list and files were sent ahead of the night starting too, so kill that fucking noise.”

Bootleg Kev went on to say it felt like Wiz Khalifa was being pranked with the amount of things that were going wrong.

“Myself & @RealTaylorGang couldn’t believe how bad that shit was going,” he admitted. “It really felt like an episode of Punk’d y’all. Learning experience for everyone, y’all will hear from Wiz soon I’m sure. But be clear that shit didn’t just happen outta no where. It escalated to that!

“Let’s be clear, what should have happened was after the 2nd or 3rd fuck up he drops the mic and stops performing. What happened wasn’t cool! That’s a fact. Nobody is disputing that. Now back to my night.”

Wiz Khalifa has faced criticism from members of the DJ community, including DJ Capri, who revealed he was “surprised” by the way the DJs were treated.

“It be stuff like this that minimizes what the DJ is,” Capri said. “I don’t know if you was lit or drunk, or whatever the case may be, but if that was me and you spoke to me like that, I’d have swung on you right away. Immediately. And we would have dealt with it however we’d have to deal with afterwards. But I wouldn’t have went for that.”