With the YouTube era, Hip Hop legends are not immune from belligerent opinions, even Ice-T. In a recent video, Soulja Boy went at Ice-T concerning his “Eat a dick” comment [click to read], which sparked a controversial opinion on the fate of Hip Hop.

After the introduction of Ice-T’s statement, Soulja Boy responded with the easiest diss he could think of; age. “This nigga Ice-T is old as fuck! This nigga old enough to be my grandfather. He’s the forefather of my nuts. I Wikipedia’d this nigga, he was born in 1958. This nigga says he’s from the west coast, nigga, you was born in New Jersey! Mr. Tracy Lauren Morrow, you was born three centuries ago, my nigga!

Continuing on his ageist rant, Soulja Boy [click to read] stated Ice-T’s mode of music is no more. “Quit nigga, why you still rappin’ for dog? Nobody wanna hear that shit no more. The reality of it is that the game has changed, there’s new nigga’s out, there’s young nigga’s eatin’, and nobody wanna hear that old shit no more. There are people who still want to hear it but they just ain’t dead yet. They old as fuck like you.

Attempting to make a more serious argument, Soulja Boy felt it was a mistake for Ice-T to speak so rudely of him. “You was wrong for that. Think about it in my shoes. This time last year I was poor as fuck. I was in the hood, I was in the ghetto. If what you living is true, you would understand where I’m coming from…I’m 17 years old, I worked hard for this shit. Even if I got all this off one song, you should be congratulating me. Real talk, you should be telling me congratulations young brother, get your money. That’s what you should be saying, instead of ‘eat a dick.‘”

This provoking series will almost inevitably continue, and HipHopDX will be here to give you the latest.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.