Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested yesterday (June 18) by Atlanta police for several driving-related charges: driving under the influence, speeding, reckless driving, no tags, driving with an open container and no proof of insurance.

According to MTV News, police reports indicate that Jeezy was stopped along Atlanta’s Buford Highway for speeding. An officer noticed that the vehicle was missing its license plates, and “Everything just went from there,” said police spokesperson Officer James Polite.

A statement from Jeezy’s attorney, Scott Leemon, explained that the rapper was coming home from the recording studio. “After being charged with various automobile-related offenses, Jeezy
was quickly processed and released. A court date
has been scheduled, and Jeezy looks forward to getting the matter

The arrest came days after Jeezy was name-dropped in court in a major cocaine-dealing ring, according to Atlanta newsweekly Creative Loafing. Ralph “Ralphie” Simms allegedly spoke the rapper’s name several times during court proceedings, though Justice Department spokesman Patrick Crosby explained that the allegations were unlikely to translate into criminal proceedings.

Not in the 22 years I have covered court cases as a reporter, nor in
all my time with the Justice Department,
” explained Crosby. “A defendant or
witness can trot out any name they want. It happens all the time.

Currently, Jeezy is out on bail and due in court July 17.