With the exception of his appearances on last year’s 8 Diagrams, most Wu-Tang Clan fans have seen Method Man log considerably more time in front of the camera than the microphone. Although Meth has no plans on abandoning his acting pursuits, he says he’s still very much in tune with and interested in returning to the booth.

I still gotta reacquaint myself with the Hip Hop audience,”Method Man tells Entertainment Weekly. “The way music is being churned out now, like fast-food, man — it’s hard for [fans] to grasp onto anything anymore.” It’s been two years since 4:21…The Day After, his latest official solo release on Def Jam. Before “Johnny Blaze” records another solo effort, he’ll reunite with Redman, in hopes of recreating the chemistry from 1999’s Blackout.

“We’re going to get Erick Sermon up in there, my man Kwamé of course, DJ Scratch,”
says Meth. “Right now we’re just piecing together more beats, and what direction we’re gonna go. ‘Cause this just can’t be, like, ‘You rhyme, I rhyme.’ Nah. We want it to actually feel like so much of a collaboration that it’s in unison, it clicks together. Like, you can’t have your cereal without your milk. That’s the best analogy I can come up with right now.”



Method Man
says the collaborative album Blackout 2 is tentatively scheduled for a fourth-quarter release on Def Jam, with his solo effort following sometime thereafter. In the meantime, look for the Wu-Tang alum to play the role of Percy in The Whackness. The film, which opens July 3, is based on a college student who trades marijuana with his psychiatrist in exchange for therapy sessions. Method Man will also embrace his inner fanboy, as the star of his own graphic novel based upon his original concept of a character named Peerless Paine. More details on Method Man‘s comedic exploits with comic book veterans David Atchison and Sanford Greene are available in his interview with Entertainment Weekly.