When it comes to having security, rappers need the best of the best in order to keep them safe from overzealous fans. Cardi B’s security showed they aren’t to be played with when one particularly cheeky fan spotted her at a supermarket.

In a viral clip that surfaced on Thursday (June 23), the leader of the Bardi Gang had just finished making her rounds through the store when a male fan decided to wish the rapper a good day. The exchange was pleasant until the guy felt his confidence shoot through the roof.

“Hey Cardi, have a good rest of the day,” the guy said, to which Cardi responded, “You too.”

Right when the Invasion of Privacy rapper was about to walk out the door, the guy brazenly asked for her number, to which Cardi replied, “Boy!” Her security guard, on the other hand, had a different reaction.

“See, that will get you knocked [out],” he warned while turning back around and pointing directly at the fan. “Don’t do that.”

Fortunately, the situation didn’t escalate any further, but it serves as a reminder for how not to behave during celebrity encounters. Perhaps the fan would’ve been better off asking about Cardi B her new album, which the Bardi Gang have been waiting on for four years.

The Bronx native has been teasing the follow-up to her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy for a minute, but besides a few loose singles such as “Money” and “Up,” a release date is nowhere in sight.

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On Tuesday (June 21), Cardi B took to her Twitter with yet another update. On this go-around, the Grammy-winner posted a video montage of her hits while vowing to make a lot of noise with her next album.

“Just a little reminder feeling like 2020 when I had to come out and STEP to remind them …..P.S-IM GONNA STOMP THIS TIME AROUND,” she tweeted.