In preparation for one of the most anticipated albums of the past two years, Lil Wayne stopped by BET’s The Blueprint to talk about his new album, certain love connections and a possible reunion with his old group.

Discussing his former group The Hot Boys, Wayne was adamant about an expected reunion album as he’s made contact with each member recently. “Me and Turk talk, not frequently, but we talk. With B.G., I just jumped on his song called ‘Ya Heard Me,’ and Juve’s on that song too, so I just saw Juve recently too. We chopped it up. And you know me and Juve and B.G., we always had a little bond, we probably try to do an album. It ain’t just a rumor, we really trying but you know there’s a lot of things that gotta get done, but I think it could be done.

Evading allegations of women he has been linked to (including Trina and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans), Lil Wayne expressed his infatuation with former R&B star Nivea. “Three words, ’cause I don’t wanna talk more or talk less of it. I’ma sum it up in three words. I Love Nivea…and everything about her.

Following a question about alcohol and drug usage, Wayne kept the response as plain as he could for cable television. “Alcohol, I don’t drink. I never did like the taste of it. You know I told you I’m an easy-going dude, so I’m gonna be the dude in the club drinking the most sweetest drink ’cause I care about what it tastes like. You have to be on a certain high or a certain level to not even care about what something tastes like. And I don’t get to that point. Other than that, music is my drug.

In the end, Wayne let audience members and viewers know the passion he has for Tha Carter III. “It’s just me. It’s 360, the full me. I don’t have no distractions. If you’re a fan of music and a fan of my music, then this is when I go in the studio and my focus is Wayne…It’s great nevertheless. I put my heart into it.

Tha Carter III will be released next Tuesday, June 10th.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.