The web has been buzzing with Lil Wayne vs the mixtape deejays controversy [click to read]. Although Weezy appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 Sirius Satellite radio show to clarify his remarks, not everyone is comfortable with Wayne’s initial reaction and subsequent clarification.

“… so fuck the dj? For real?” Skillz said on his Okayplayer blog. “Wow! First lemme say I dont get alot of radio/club play, sometimes my record dont apply & I can understand that but I dont care if I had no spins on my record I would never say fuck a dj. No DJ at all, I wouldnt say fuck a DJ that I dont know!!”

Skillz apparently is bothered with Wayne’s statements and explains the importance of the deejay when it comes to giving an artist exposure.

“It just baffles me how the hottest artist out right now can say Fuck the dj’s!! Where would he be without the DJ tho? Real talk, I hear his records and its always a dj playing it,” he continues. “If you hot then DJ’s gon fuck with you but they are part of the reason you hot, its a tag team kinda combo. You rap on everyone’s song (whether they want you to or not) you jump on cats tracks and send em out to the world, wouldn’t you want someone to think its hot (enough) to play?”

As for Wayne singling out deejays he hasn’t met, Skillz doesn’t feel they deserve animosity that Weezy has publicly displayed.

“Niggas takin my music and puttin out CD’s that aint official. Nigga? You rapped on 70 songs that wasn’t official! A lot of these DJ’s are branding you. They making you hot!”