Very few can argue against the point that T-Pain has distinguished himself as a savvy hit maker with a rather distinct style.

Sitting down with DJ Cipha Sounds, T-Pain explained a new song that he has in the works, which happens to be about his now infamous auto-tune voice. “You know it’s just issue addressing time. Like I say in the song, ain’t no disrespect, I just want everybody to know that there are a couple of people that I ain’t cool with doing it. You know, ’cause a couple people came to me and ask me can they use it, and it was cool. Weezy came and ask me before he did it, I said cool; Weezy started doing it. Kanye said, ‘Let me borrow your style for a second;’ I’m cool with that, you know what I’m saying? I just addressed a couple issues. You know, a lot of people were taking me for a joke when I first came out doing it, and they feel like they gotta do it to get hot now.

In addition to Lil Wayne and Kanye West, 50 Cent recently used auto-tune with G-Unit‘s single “Rider pt. 2” [click to view].

Being one of the biggest ringtone sellers himself, T-Pain is looking to a new business venture that will make his company “all digital.” “On Nappy Boy Digital right now we gettin’ it on straight. I’m trying to lead the pack with the first digital record label. We going all digital downloads, iTunes, ringtones, a couple physical sales here and there. We don’t wanna cancel that out, but right now we’re on the regular [record label] but going digital.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.