In what may either be Lil Wayne’s attempt to express his true feelings about mixtape DJs profiting from his image and music or a desperation move for publicity with Tha Carter III coming out in about two weeks, the “Greatest Rapper Alive” has lashed out against mixtape deejays.

A snippet from Foundation Magazine has Lil Wayne arguing with the interviewer when asked who his first deejay he remembered.

“I don’t remember the mixtape deejay—tell this dude who he talking to. I’m not into all that shit. I don’t know no mixtape deejay. I am the originator,” Wayne drowsily exclaimed.

Using Arthur Nobel, the creator of dynamite, as an example, Wayne compared himself to the Nobel Peace Prize inventor and explained his significance.

“I’m him. I created the mixtape game but I’m not in to that anymore. I’m doing Lil Wayne. I’m against it—and to the mixtape deejay, I don’t know no mixtape deejays—fuck you,” he continued.

Making his point of being on Top 25 charts, Wayne appeared to place himself above the underground promotion methods of mixtapes.

“I’m on Top 25—I ain’t put out 25 mixtapes. So fuck y’all. Fuck DatPiff. Fuck mixtape deejays. Carter III coming June 10th. Go get it or don’t go get it, suck my dick. I’m smelling myself. I’m too good,” Wayne affirmed.

Before getting up and leaving the interview, Wayne used the metaphor of mixtape deejays “sucking my dick and not letting me nut.”

Reported By: Cyrus Langhorne