Playboi Carti has joined the lucrative alcohol business. Cocktail connoisseur Thomas Ashbourne has recruited a few celebrity stars as founding partners and the team includes actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, WWE superstar John Cena and Playboi Carti from the Hip Hop world.

Aligning with his mysterious persona, Carti reimagined the brand’s wine department and crafted the vodka-infused cocktail drink, which contains flavors of Muscat Blanc Grapes, peach, apricot, and elderflower. The Hardscatto is gluten-free, kosher and 40 proof.

A coinciding ad celebrating the launch of the Thomas Ashbourne line of cocktails also arrived on Monday (May 2). King Vamp puts his acting prowess on display when starring in the commercial as he introduces a boss to the drink and lets him know he’s “been drinking trash.”

The Hardscatto isn’t available just yet on the Thomas Ashbourne website, but a two-pack of the 375ML bottles is set to retail for $43.99. Can options are also available with an eight-pack retailing for $59.55.

The liquor collaboration wasn’t expected but Playboi Carti never plays by any of the industry’s rules. He made several headlines over the weekend at Smoker’s Club Festival in California without actually doing anything.

Playboi Carti's Smokers Club Festival Set Gets Shut Down After Fans Rush Stage

Unfortunately, his set was cut short after his rabid fans attempted to rush the stage and broke down the barriers by causing numerous altercations with security. A$AP Rocky also previewed an upcoming collaboration with Carti during his set, but it’s unclear when the track will be released.