A tape recently surfaced of Rocsi of BET‘s 106 & Park fame calling 50 Cent‘s Curtis album “garbage.” Although the context of the claim was a comparison between Fif‘s effort and his sales rival Kanye West, with his Graduation, the G-Unit general wasn’t having it.

Curtis recently called in to Washington DC’s TK and gave the co-host who has appeared on the cover of KING a jab of his own, “Rocsi, she said something crazy on a tape. At first, my reaction to it is I should probably tell people who she is for real.” Moments later, 50 added, “She’s like a pop, I know like four
people she slept with. It’s favoritism, when you sit on the [BET] couch
because … like I don’t have time to hang out with you and sleep with
you to make you like me on the show. That’s not how I do things.

The superstar clarified that he felt Rocsi wanted to sleep with him, a gesture that 50 waved off. The rapper added that he has sensed this sort of favoritism in the industry for some time.

On the song “Trouble” [click to read], Jay-Z was vocal about the host Rocsi replaced, Free. Jay laughed at rumors that he would have child with the former Refugee Camp All-Star, rapping, “I’m not sayin’ there’s anything wrong with Free / Just sayin’ that there ain’t anything wrong with me.

Whereas Diddy and Jay-Z have avoided TMZ‘s red carpet questioning of the recent Suge Knight knockout [click to read], 50 brought it up himself, saying he is not the “bad guy” for defending himself or responding to issues like these. “Like you kind of get the bad guy aura.
When you get that aura, like look at Suge right now. He gets into an
altercation and someone hits him over the head. From there, so many
people are happy to see him in that space that … like look at the
comments: ‘Yea it’s about time.’ It kind of creates that aura and it
gives me that bully effect also from a creative perspective. But I’m
just responding to them the way I would if I wasn’t in this position
where people felt like I was at the top of the heat.

G-Unit‘s Terminate On Sight is in stores July 1.