Chicago rapper Lil Reese took to Instagram on Monday (April 25) to say he’s down to throw hands with controversial rapper 6ix9ine, but he wants $10 million first. Lil Reese’s tweet was in response to the hefty payday Tyson Fury received after his fight against Dylan Whyte.

“Shit I need turn to a boxer ask that rat if he wanna box for 5 to 10mill,” Reese wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

If the pair were to step into the ring for that price tag, it could be the biggest payday 6ix9ine has seen in a while. The Brooklyn native said in a court hearing last month he was “struggling to make end meets” as part of an ongoing civil lawsuit for his involvement in a 2018 armed robbery. His manager Wack 100 said he was so broke he couldn’t even pay for gas.

However, 6ix9ine’s alleged lackluster net worth hasn’t stopped him from flaunting expensive items. He recently flexed $ 2 million in cash on Instagram last week but later told TMZ Live none of the money was real.

“That was prop money,” 6ix9ine said. “I ain’t got it. Like I said, I’m an entertainer and obviously we talking about it so I did a pretty good job in entertaining people. You know how you have a degree in law? I have a degree in entertainment.”

While 6ix9ine has trolled Lil Reese numerous times in the past, he’s currently preoccupied with trolling Fivio Foreign over his “King of New York” claims.

“My plan was never to come at nobody,” 6ix9ine said in a recent sit-down with Akademiks on his Off The Record podcast. “It was just to drop music, you know, get back into the realm of my art and just come out with positivity.”

He continued, “When I said the King of New York is back, I want to be very clear, I came out, I didn’t mention anybody. Fivio jumped out the window first. He could’ve just stayed quiet. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but the moment 6ix9ine responds, ‘Oh my god! Look, he’s chasing clout!”

Listen to the full interview below.