Los Angeles, CA

DaBaby was involved in a bowling alley brawl in February with Brandon Bills, the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh. But now, it looks like he might be catching a break.

According to TMZ,Bills has stopped cooperating with police and the investigation has hit a snag. Despite having the assault on video, investigators say it’s extremely difficult to move forward without the alleged victim’s cooperation.

In a clip of the fight, a member of DaBaby’s entourage grabbed Bills by his dreadlocks and threw him to the ground with force. After landing several punches, DaBaby attempted to walk away but was followed by Bills, whose face was bloody and swollen.

The bowling alley where the altercation took place — Corbin Ball in Topanga, California — subsequently banned the platinum-selling rapper from ever stepping foot in their establishment again. An employee explained they came to that decision after staff reviewed security footage from the fight, which reportedly proves DaBaby was the aggressor.



The fight supposedly started after Bills confronted DaBaby over the alleged mistreatment of his sister DaniLeigh during their relationship. One of the bowling alley’s mechanics said it took hours for him to scrub up the dried-up sugary drink DaBaby threw at Bills, and Corbin Ball also had to cough up $250 in cleaning chemicals as well as re-oil the lanes where the incident occurred. Law enforcement sources were previously investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon because Bills was kicked in the head while he was already on the ground.

DaBaby ID'ed As Shooter In Trespassing Incident At His North Carolina Estate

DaBaby was involved in another harrowing incident earlier this month when an intruder climbed the wall of his Troutman, North Carolina estate. After shooting the man in the leg, DaBaby called 911 and fully cooperated with authorities.