After last year’s critically acclaimed Get Back [click to read], Little Brother is returning with And Justus For All on their own co-operative Hall Of Justus imprint. The project began as the Mick Boogie-hosted mixtape used to promote Get Back. The work featured appearances from Black Star, Ray Cash and AZ as well as production from RJD2.

We decided to officially release And Justus For All for the fans.
Since all of our mixtapes are more like actual albums, many people have
been requesting us for deejay free versions of these mixtapes. So to all of
the fans out there that’s been asking for it, you’re welcome,”
Rapper Big Pooh told HipHopDX today.

Now packaged as an “official album,” And Justus For All features five new songs, released specifically for this project. Two additional new songs are appearing on the digital version of the June 10 release, available on iTunes. Among the bonus songs, “Black Light Special” will reunite the group with former producer and deejaying third member 9th Wonder. Four of the other new tracks are produced by longtime affiliate Khrysis [click to read].

Oh No! and Tiye Phoenix of Polyrhythm Addicts make appearances, as DJ Spinna also produces a track. Traffic Entertainment will be the release’s distributor.