The last several years have seen Lil Wayne compete with the late James Brown for the title of “hardest working man in show business.” The Cash Money Millionaire has released a string of mix tapes and rocked a song with everybody from Little Brother (“Breakin My Heart”) to Playaz Circle (“Duffle Bag Boy”). Wayne recently sat down with Blender and gave his thoughts on rock music, prescription drugs and other topics.


“Lollipop,” the debut single from the upcoming The Carter III departs from the typical three 16’s and a hook, and finds Wayne singing and partying like a rock star in Vegas. Many fans may be surprised to find out that Weezy is a fan of rock.


“Nirvana,” he replied when asked about his favorite band. “I been into them since ‘Teen Spirit.’ There used to be this video-request station called the Box, and some ­motherfucker must have loved Nirvana, ’cause that video was always on. I loved it—everyone was throwing everyone else around, and all the girls looked like they were ready to do whatever.”


One issue that has followed Wayne around as of late is his affinity for sippin’ syrup. Despite his behavior being slightly Amy Winehouse-ish at times, he revealed there are times when he just says no.


“I’ll never fuck with no more coke. It’s not about a bad high, it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out, and I’m a pretty boy.”


Another thing on Wayne’s “do not fuck with” list is 50 Cent. After 50 called the New Orleans emcee a “whore” on the radio, Weezy F. was surprisingly silent, offering up no response. Instead of dissing back, he extended his thanks.


“I have to call him and say thank you. He’s catapulted me. Nigga, white people know me now! Thank you! Diss rhyme? Fuck no! That nigga thrives off that. I am not feeding that tiger. I’m smart.”


He also went on to call Fif the “hardest nigga on the planet.”


“Do you see his size? I’m small. I saw a YouTube video of this dude playing a concert; somebody threw water on him—he took off his hat, went in the crowd, grabbed that nigga and boom! I was like, This nigga’s the hardest nigga on planet Earth. So, no, I’m not dissing 50. And I’m not throwing water on him, neither.”