This past December on the World Famous Wake Up Show in Los Angeles, King Tech stated that Crooked I “is just as good (if not better) than Jay-Z.” He continued to say that he didn’t care how many albums Jay-Z has sold, “lyric for lyric as an emcee. Jay-Z is known as one of the best…it’s
about time we try to figure out who is the best. If we had one West
Coast representer I would say Crooked I.”

On air, DJ Revolution and King Tech had a “battle” in which Rev would play any Jay-Z record and have King respond with a Crooked I track. The phone lines blew up with fans supporting each artist.

Here at HipHopDX, we didn’t want to take sides and we don’t want to put these two against each other so we reached out for Crooked I to host a mixtape that features music from both artists. Compiled and mixed by Shake and DJ Slimm (Shake & Bake). Again, this is no battle. Just good music.

01 Intro

02 Crooked I – Oh My God

03 Jay-Z – Oh My God

04 Jay-Z – C’mon Baby

05 Jay-Z – Welcome to NYC

06 Crooked I – Welcome to LBC

07 Crooked I – Creased Khaki Flow

08 Interlude

09 Crooked I – Boom Boom Clap

10 Interlude

11 Jay-Z – Allure (Kompo Remix)

12 Jay-Z – Hovi Baby

13 Jay-Z – Umbrella

14 Crooked I – Umbrella

15 Crooked I & Jay-Z – Long Beach to Brooklyn

16 Crooked I – Rap 101

17 Crooked I – The Kite

18 Crooked I – Blueprint

19 Jay-Z – Blueprint

20 Crooked I – Doin’ Dat

21 Interlude

22 Crooked I – More Than Music

23 Jay-Z – So Ghetto

24 Jay-Z – Wake Up

25 Crooked I – Who Dem Boyz

26 Jay-Z – What More Can I Say (Pacific Time Zone Remix)

27 Crooked I – A Capella

28 Crooked I – Str8 Bosses

29 Jay-Z – You’re Welcome

30 Jay-Z – Beach Chair

31 Crooked I – Man Up

32 Crooked I – Dynasty

33 Crooked I – All I Ever Wanted / Outro

HipHopDX Presents: Crooked I & Jay-Z – Reserved for the Bosses (Hosted by Crooked I & Mixed by DJ Slimm) [click to download]

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1 of our video interview with Crooked I himself [click to view]. We speak on his Hip Hop Weekly Series, from the creation to his personal favorites. His upcoming album, B.O.S.S. is brought up along with the single featuring Akon. Crook displays his love for Bun B, his disliking for DMX and more.