Late yesterday Three 6 Mafia, co-authors of the 2000 ode to prescription cough medicine, “Sippin’ On Some Syrup,” spoke candidly to about their thoughts on some artists denouncing the usage of “syrup” by the Hip Hop community in the wake of Pimp C’s untimely passing this past December, in part due to his consumption of the promethazine and codeine enhanced cough syrup.

“Whatever a person wanna do, man, they do they thing and we do our thing,” said Juicy J to DX before DJ Paul added, “Yeah, if somebody wanna sip syrup, I can’t tell ‘em what to do.”

While Pimp C and his UGK partner-in-rhyme Bun B helped to make Three 6’s “Sippin On Some Syrup” one of the group’s biggest hits, in the month’s since Pimp’s passing Bun has spoken out about the potential dangers of drinking “lean” and has stated that his sophomore solo album, II Trill, will likely be free of any references to “drank” [click to watch and click to read].

“I ain’t never heard that, he doing that?,”
DJ Paul confessed, unaware of Bun’s planned boycott of sizzurp speak. “Aww, I didn’t know.”

Juicy’s reference to “Texas tea” on Three 6’s new single “I’d Rather” signals the group was indeed clearly unaware of Bun’s harder line stance on “oil” mentions in song, and is in no way a slight against Bun or an attempt to demonstrate anything less than the genuine admiration and respect they’ve always maintained for Pimp. Having worked with him on a couple of tracks for their forthcoming album, one of which would tragically become Pimp’s final recording, “On Sum Chrome” [click to listen], Three 6 Mafia had even anticipated completing an entire album with the underground legend prior to his passing. “We was gonna call it the ‘Underground Mafia,’” Juicy revealed of the planned project.

Bun B is unlikely to take offense to Juicy’s “Texas tea” reference. Although taking a stand against the dangerous drug that contributed to the death of his lifelong friend, his position on other artists use of syrup is parallel to that of Juicy and Paul’s, refusing to take his stand on a soapbox and condemn those who partake in that “purple stuff” [click to read].

But as more and more artists are revealed publicly to be struggling with syrup addiction [click to read] their rap peers who promote the usage of the dangerous drug in their songs will have to walk a tightrope of supporting Bun in his attempts to thwart the deadly impact it has on the Hip Hop community while representing what is a very real component of daily life for millions.

“Whatever [other artists] decide to do, or what [position] they decide to back, I’m 100% with ‘em and it’s all good,” said Juicy before jokingly adding, “We try to stay out of politics.”

Three 6 Mafia’s ninth album, Last 2 Walk, is due in stores on June 24th. Check out “I’d Rather” in our audio section [click to listen].