According to, Naughty By Nature emcee Anthony “Treach” Criss was detained by the Newark Police Department in the wake of what authorities called “the most violent 24 hour period in Newark’s history.

Reportedly responding to reports of gunshots on West Runyon Street yesterday (Tuesday April 22) afternoon, Treach was stopped in his Hummer SUV, and found wearing a bulletproof vest. The reports state that Treach told the police he was being “shot at.” No weapons were found, though a pistol was discovered on the same block of the street.

In total, the spree of violence saw two dead and five wounded. Although detained, Treach was reportedly not charged at this point.

At present, Treach had been working on a solo album for Amalgam Digital, the present label home of Joe Budden and Kurious Jorge. Earlier this week, 50 Cent credited G-Unit with helping Treach create the chorus to one of Naughty By Nature‘s biggest hits, 1993’s “Hip Hop Hooray” [click here to read].