Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to support Gunna’s “Pushin P” movement. On Wednesday (January 19), the SKIMS mogul shared an Instagram photo of herself oceanside in a black bikini.

The caption for the photo read “Beach Party” with the letter “P” replaced by the divisive blue “P” emoji Gunna has used to promote his new album DS4EVER.

Gunna showed love for the reality television star by re-sharing the post on his Instagram story and writing “Capital P!!”

While Gunna has relentlessly used his newfound “P” lingo, a lot of rappers are pushing back on his recent use of the term. On Monday (January 16), Sauce Walka sat down for an interview with Industreets TV and said while the Atlanta rapper has claimed the phrase, it actually originated in Texas.

“Man, everybody know that shit come from the south,” Walka said. “Everybody know that come from H-town man.”

Sauce Walka continued by saying the lifestyle coinciding with the “P” slang is inherently Southern, which people out of Memphis and Houston had adopted long before Gunna.

“The lifestyle and the ambiance and the culture and that congregation that comes behind pimpin’ and the letter P is a whole different atmosphere,” he said. “The majority of rapper’s brains are too small to even fathom the understanding of what that shit truly means and what it is.

“But the P itself and the aura, and stigmatism and the lifestyle that goes behind the letter P itself, the P, that’s Texas and Memphis, and a little bit of Chicago but it’s really Texas and Memphis because to be a P is bigger than just being a pimp. The biggest P of all P’s in the society of P’s is the player. The player play, P is play, we play, we play hard we play for a dollar.”

As for Gunna, he’s been regularly using the phrase regardless of the pushback. On Wednesday, he dropped the video to his single “pushin P,”  which features Future and Young Thug.

Check out the music video for “pushin P” below.