Fans have seen and heard the stories of rappers getting caught up or losing their lives over senseless violence in their hoods, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. But Fivio Foreign is making it clear he won’t return to his neighborhood. The Brooklyn rapper explained his thoughts on the dangers of the hood during his recent visit to Maino’s Kitchen Talk podcast. According to Fivio, he really doesn’t like the energy that emanates from these places.

“Everybody be calling me, ‘come to the hood, come to the hood.’ They don’t really like you there you know what I mean,” Fivio told Maino. “It’s like they don’t like you, but they want you to come, and then I don’t like the energy. The police, it’s like you go to the hood, the police think you’re the problem. You the artist, you the famous person, you got everybody outside, you the reason why n-ggas outside yelling and wild’n drinking bottles.”

Fivio Foreign is making the most out of his time away from the hood. He’s seeing a lot of hype surrounding his upcoming debut album B.I.B.L.E., which he revealed Kanye West is helping to produce. Word is A$AP Rocky may be featured on the project after he was heard trading bars with Fivio in a preview of a drill-heavy collaboration that surfaced online last November.

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Fivio Foreign Claims 'Hottest Song Of 2022' With Destiny's Child-Sampling Drill Track

The “Big Drip” rapper also has an upcoming song titled “Say My Name” that samples the 1999 Destiny’s Child hit of the same name. Fivio claims 2022 will be his year when he releases the record.

“2022 belongs to me,” he asserts in a recent clip posted to his Instagram Story. “When I drop ‘Say My Name’ — I don’t care who drop; ‘Say My Name’ gonna be the hottest song of 2022, period.”