Doja Cat was engaged in an unlikely war-of-words on Twitter on Thursday (January 14) with Cleveland-born rapper Charles Hamilton. The funny part for Doja was she actually mistaken Charles Hamilton’s identity for “Comin Where I’m From” artist Anthony Hamilton and didn’t realize it until she was knee-deep into the confrontation.

“Doja Cat, you gotta chill. The whole world is watching and yes, judging you. Time to grow up,” Hamilton wrote while taking a shot at the “Kiss Me More” artist out of nowhere. “I know. SUcks. But yeah…”

Doja Cat responded by telling the former Interscope Records artist that he “ain’t shit” before realizing it was Charles and not Anthony Hamilton. She then let the chopper sing with a series of disses which resulted in Charles Hamilton backing down by deleting his original tweet and not responding.

OMGGGG CHARLES OMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG. Bro i thought you were Anthony Hamilton i was about to tell my whole family I was so excited,” she wrote in a series of follow-up tweets. “BRO I FEEL SO FUCKIN DUMB. IMAGINE HE WAS ANTHONY HAMILTON THOUGH?!?!?”

Doja then went on to belittle Charles Hamilton by bringing up his catalog standout “Brooklyn Girls.”

“U that one dude that was like “YABADABADABA BROOKLYN GIRLS,” she said.

That seemed to be the end of the Twitter fireworks as both Doja Cat and Charles Hamilton have seemingly moved on from the clash.

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Although, it remains to be seen if any of the back-and-forth actually found its way onto Anthony Hamilton’s radar. Hamilton released his Love Is The New Black album in October with features from Rick Ross, Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri.