Nas made a splash in the non-fungible token (NFT) world when he announced last week he was teaming up with blockchain-powered platform Royal. The collaboration offered fans the chance to obtain streaming royalty rights to Nas’s King’s Disease and King’s Disease II tracks, “Ultra Black” and “Rare.”

The NFT project dropped on Monday (January 11), and what was supposed to be a successful launch ended up being a myriad of problems. According to some fans, the official website crashed right when the NFTs became open to the public.

“The site selling the Nas NFT crashed right at drop,” one fan tweeted while another said, “The website is crashing #Nas #NFT.”

The best reaction went to one person who likened the NFT website going down to the Nike SNKRS app crashing whenever a highly-anticipated pair of sneakers are released.

“This Nas NFT was like a sneaker drop,” tweeted the fan.

The website is still down for maintenance as of press time, and there’s no indication of when things should be running back to normal. A website crash was the last thing Nas probably wanted to happen as he had big plans for this new project. He was going to sell over 50 percent of his streaming rights for each of those songs with plans to do even more.

Nas Is Giving Fans Streaming Rights To His Music With New NFT Deal

“I am always looking for new and unique ways to connect with the people,” said Nas in a statement. “So I am excited to partner with Royal on their new endeavor in order for the world to connect with my music in a new way.”