DJ Warrior is back with Cali Untouchable Radio 17: Klak Klak Edition, this time with the help of DJ Envy and Blacksmith’s
Strong Arm Steady.

As if Krondon, Mitch Slick & Phil Da Agony weren’t enough, there are guest spots from Talib Kweli, Chace Infinite, Jean Grae, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken and more!

01 Klak Klak Music (prod. Tha Warriorz)

02 We The Best (prod. Disco D & DJ Warrior)

03 Freestyle 101

04 Krondon Speaks pt.1

05 Big Gunz f. Messy Marv & Tiny Doo

06 Swack You Out

07 Airforces f. Skinhead Rob (of Expensive Taste)

08 Phil Da Agony Speaks pt.1

09 Battle Raps f. Talib Kweli & Jean Grae

10 SAS Again f. Chace Infinite

11 Stack It Up

12 Shoot First f. Gain Green

13 Krondon Interlude

14 Revolver

15 DJ Envy Speaks

16 Hey ft. Messy Marv

17 DJ Envy Speaks pt. 2

18 This Nigga Is A Problem f. Planet Asia

19 Don’t Push Me f. Sick Jacken & Cynic

20 Mitchy Slick Speaks

21 Watch How It Go Down f. Planet Asia

22 Phil Da Agony Speaks pt. 2

23 Go With Us f. Talib Kweli

24 Krondon Interlude pt. 2

25 The Function f. Talib Kweli & Chace Infinite

26 DJ Warrior – Outro

DJ Warrior & DJ Envy Present Strong Arm Steady – Cali Untouchable Radio 17: Klak Klak Edition [click to download]

Be sure to check out DJ Warrior [click to visit] and Strong Arm Steady [click to visit] on MySpace. And if you haven’t already, check out Talib Kweli, the S.A.S. gang and Planet Asia in the booth on Rap City [click to watch].