Tiny Montana brings together his fellow Filipino rappers OG Kaybee, Mhot, Sixth Threat, Pricetagg, Apekz, and Abaddon in the hometown-pride track, “Where Ya From 2,” which premiered last December 29.

In “Where Ya From 2,” the video follows OG Kaybee as he opens the track from his home district of Malate in Manila City, eventually crossing regions to Pricetagg in San Fernando, La Union to Apekz in Valenzuela City. Spanning provinces and cities across the Philippines, the rappers honor their roots by penning dynamic lyricism and coloring the track with distinct performance styles set in each of their hometowns.

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With each artist given the spotlight in the video, “Where Ya From 2” showcases the diversity of Filipino hip hop and culture in each of the rappers’ verses. Much like Filipino culture in itself, the project highlights how the independent hip hop scene in the country is as diverse as the artists who comprise it. Tiny Montana’s first “Where Ya From” project previously featured other Filipino hip hop heavyweights like Raf Davis, ThirdFlo, Don Pao, Omar Baliw, and Flow G.

Watch the music video below: