Los Angeles, CA - 

Drake has earned himself another victory in court to add to his case of legal trophies. According to Billboard, the 6 God scored a ruling in his favor to evade a $4 billion lawsuit filed for defamation by a woman who was reportedly arrested for breaking into his Los Angeles mansion in 2017.

A defamation suit was filed by a woman named Mesha Collins over the summer and Drake’s attorney, Stanton “Larry” Stein, explained that she’s the same person who was arrested for trespassing on Drake’s property in April 2017. She was seeking over $4 billion in damages based on claims Drake leaked private information about her.

Although, Judge Virginia Keeny of the Los Angeles Superior Court sided with Drake during Friday’s (December 17) ruling and offered up an explanation that Drake’s posts couldn’t be connected to Collins and weren’t grounds for defamation.

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“Plaintiff Collins has not demonstrated any of defendant Graham’s statements were about plaintiff Collins or that he used her identity, name, or likeness in his Instagram posts or endorsements,” Judge Keeny added. “Even if plaintiff Collins could establish the statements were about her, she has failed to establish that such statements were of a private fact that is offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person.”

Collins was arrested in April 2017 on home intruder charges “with intent to steal the victim’s property” and held on $100,000 bail. She was reportedly found inside Drizzy’s Los Angeles estate raiding his fridge and cooling down with a cup of water and soda.