Coi Leray wants to make it known that she is dedicated to her fans and ahead of the game. In a string of tweets the “TWINNEM” rapper shared on Friday (December 17), she gifted fans and “trendsetters” with a clip “Medicine” along with an earnest message reflecting on a tumultuous glow-up this year and her ambitious aspirations for 2022.

“Kind of been a rough year, even though I made millions, It came with a lot of depression.” Coi Leray wrote in the lengthy statement. “‘Medicine’ is the last song ima drop this year. This song is strictly for my fans. When I go in the booth and vent, just know I’m speaking from the heart and I meant every word in the song.

“Hope everyone has a great holiday and gets everything they ever dreamed of, This new year is going to be one of the biggest years of my life. My album is going to be one of the biggest female artist albums in the world. I can promise you on that.”

Even though 2021 was littered with highs and lows, Coi Leray actually accomplished one of her hit list items for next year already when her Lil Durk-assisted “No More Parties” hit was certified platinum the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) in March.

According to the RIAA, at the time “No More Parties” was “1 of ONLY 6 singles released so far this year to achieve #RIAAPlatinum,” and also earned her a spot within the Top 5 of the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and a slot on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 list.

Coi Leray Opens Up About Harsh Reality Of Music Industry: 'This Life Is Draining'

But in November, Coi Leray went on another rant expressing her disdain for the music industry and everything that comes with being a mainstream rapper.

“I’m tired of thinking for everybody!” she began. “I’m tired of people taking the credit for my ideas. Tired of being manipulated. Tired of fighting for my life. Tired of peoples opinions, I’m tired of people holding shit against me, I’m tired of people looking for sympathy when they just don’t get the job done so they find reasons to make you feel bad.”

She continued, “Shit is sad fr this industry is sad fr. I’m tired. I’m just tired. This life is draining. I’m so hungry and motivated any label would love to have an artist like me. Sad man. Sad. It’s really a mental sacrifice.”

Watch the video for “Medicine” below.