Earlier this month, HipHopDX
announced a contest that gave producers a chance to be on Donny Goines’ upcoming The
Non Fiction EP
, presented by HipHopDX.com.and
it’s audio/media guru Shake [click to read]. After
countless submissions, both good and bad, Goines
has finished the project and we are releasing it to you for free!

As an upcoming emcee from NY, Donny
wanted to try something a little different and give the fans and upcoming
producers a chance to shine. The 8 track EP is entirely produced by talented readers
of HipHopDX, including Remot, the winner of HipHopDX’s American Gangster Remix Contest
[click to read]

“First and foremost I want to thank HipHopDX, Shake and all
the contestants who participated in this contest. I wanted to step outside of
the box and challenge myself musically by working with different producers
instead of the ones I normally collaborate with. Also, I wanted to give an
opportunity to some talented producers out there because I know firsthand how
hard it is to get recognized within this industry and I just wanted to do
something that others out there could be apart of. This EP consists of eight
original songs with production I choose from the many submissions I received
and it represents many issues that are real to me, hence the name. I hope you
all enjoy it. Much love,” Donny Goines
told HipHopDX.

HipHopDX.com Presents: Donny Goines – The Non Fiction EP [click to

On behalf of HipHopDX and Donny Goines we would like to thank all
of the producers who submitted beats and wish the best of luck to you and your
future. For more information on each of the producers, you can check there
MySpace pages out below:

Quincey Tones [click to view]

P.C.P. Muzik [click to view]

Tecknowledgy [click to view]

Remot [click to view]

Tone Def [click to view]

Danger Beats [click to view]

The Graduates [click to view]

Metro Beats [click to view]