Beanie Sigel, who
spent a year in jail for drug and weapons charges in 2004, was in federal court
yesterday (March 28) for violating terms issued with his supervised release for
a third time.

After submitting  a false urine sample to probation officials on
February 29th. As well as testing positive for controlled substances
(including Xanax and Percocet) five times throughout the month; Sigel was sentenced to three months in
prison with an additional year of supervised release.

According to the Philadelphia
Daily News
, Beanie Sigel (whose
real name is Dwight Grant) was immediately taken into custody after being denied
the opportunity to “self-surrender” when he got his personal affairs in order
by U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick.

“I told you last time
if you didn’t toe the line, jail was the only option,”
Surrick said. “Mr. Grant is a big boy and he knows what
the rules are. At some point, he has to grow up.”

Sigel explained
that he was an addict and “had a relapse” that had been triggered by financial
pressure which stemmed from him not being able to travel to perform at
big-venue concerts (his main source of income), a condition that was received as
Sigel was placed in a halfway house
for violating parole [click to read…]

“I’m losing everything
because of this situation,”
said after admitting he had put himself there. Which garnished a response from Surrick:
“I’ve heard your explanation, but that
does not excuse your conduct.”

Surrick then questioned Sigel
about income that he receives from record sales. Sigel explained that he only “gets 14 cents on the dollar for every
CD that is sold, and that is only after the record companies get their money
off the top.”

Beanie Sigel
released his fourth studio album, The
, in December.