Dr. Dre’s divorce from Nicole Young has been a lengthy process due to a dispute over their prenup agreement, but it appears matters have finally been resolved.

Breyon Prescott, current Chameleon Entertainment CEO and former Epic Records president of A&R Urban, took to Instagram on Thursday (December 9) to share a photo of Dr. Dre smiling in a chair with balloons spelling out “Divorced AF” behind him.

“Hey Well My Brother @drdre Just Told Me It’s Final !!!” he wrote in the caption. “Congrats. Still Dre.”

Another photo from Thursday night showed Dre and Prescott on a FaceTime call with Rick Ross, with all three shooting big smiles. The MMG boss had his own cause for celebration with the release of his new album, Richer Than I Ever Been.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young got married in 1996 and broke up in March 2020, with Young moving out of their home and into a Malibu property owned by Dre. She then filed for divorce in June 2020, with the case taking many twists along the way. Dre was accused of domestic violence and having a number of mistresses throughout the trial, with Young requesting $4 million to pay for her lawyers.

During a recent court declaration, Dr. Dre’s final text message to Nicole Young in August 2020 was revealed to be, “Let’s keep it friendly and peaceful. Over and Out. I love you.” In November, he admitted he “did not know the woman” he married.

“There were never any domestic violence claims made by Nicole before or during our marriage, formal or informal,” he said. “At no time were the police ever called during our marriage. I was present for Nicole’s deposition. She testified that there are no witnesses to the alleged abuse and she admitted that she never told anyone, including her mother or siblings or other family or friends about any alleged abuse.”

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Dr. Dre continued, “There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no videos, no police reports, no domestic violence filings, or other documents evidencing abuse and no witnesses to her offensive allegations. After learning last August of Nicole’s false accusations of abuse, I realized then that I did not know the woman I had married and loved.”